jeudi 28 juin 2018

Cooking class marrakech

 I'm Brahim from Marrakech, Morocco, which is one of the best destinations in the world.

I will present for you the program of cooking class marrakech:

I came up with a different idea for guests of Marrakech. Basically cooking classes are official in some hotel or riads with professionals but my idea is completely different that you will be side by side with Moroccan family; and you will have real and fresh plates full of Moroccan salads.
Women are the best cook in our culture. So, my mother will teach you during the cooking classes while I will be translating and helping.

My family and I will welcome you and start this unique experience with Moroccan tea and patisseries. Meanwhile, we will discuss and talk about the next step that we should do.

After that we will go to our popular souk (market) and buy fresh ingredients that we will need in our cooking class. Also, it will be a good time to discover the real Moroccan culture.

When we have all we need, we will start the cooking class with my mother and my wife who are the best cooks in my family. Step by step, I will help you and translate to you every single detail.

After 14 hours, you will be hungry so, your cooking will be ready this time, and we will have lunch together with my family.

After lunch we will make Moroccan tea together and teach you how to make it. After you have your tea with family, I will take you to taxi stop.

You will visit my house and stay about 4 hours with Moroccan family; we will share with you our life and our culture.

Also, we will visit the popular souk (market) to buy ingredient and also small visit of this district.


dimanche 3 avril 2016

Riad à Marrakech

Riad Marrakech Oum El Koutoub

Riad est la meilleur solution pour les touristes qui cherchent un meilleur service au moins cher possible, composé de 6 chambres et situé au plein cœur de l'ancienne ville, avec une grande terrasse vue direct sur les montagnes de l'Atlas.

* Capacité : 12 personnes
* Petit déjeuner inclus

* Offre Special: si vous réservez dans notre riad à marrakech une semaine vous aurez un transfert aéroport gratuit et un dîner gratuit.

* c'est le moment de joindre Riad et vivez la bonne expérience en visitant les ruelles et Marrakech sans maquillage

Photos Riad: 

location vacances marrakech

location vacances marrakech


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